Thursday, June 24, 2010

You need Jay Servidio and His Staff

We were doing terrific up to 2008 then it all began to fall apart. Everything changed as our family started making less and less money. My husband and I always looked at internet porn. I had no problem with it. Then we began to talk about marketing our own site to create another income. All the friends we have that have money all have multiple income sources. We checked out a few companies and most of them looked like they were one guy selling ugly sites with no marketing support. When we first spoke to Jay Servidio I didnt take him too seriously. He was always real excited about the business and everytime to called the toll free number he picked up the phone himself. After a few phone calls I felt totally fine with him and my husband ordered a site. It took about 2 months for us to have enough links to get traffic. Then we started getting 1,2,3 members a day. Now its been 7 months and we have 4 sites and were doing great. My husband just bought a Corvette Convertible on the profits we made. Jay Servidio helped us and we love him for it. What a great feeling working online at home and being able to make more money then any job I ever had.


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